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USA Seat Top Shop - $USD


Welcome to our Shop - please note this shop is for USA  purchases only. Please contact an INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR in your country if you need information or would like to purchase seat tops.




Continue to Online Shop and pay with CREDIT CARD or PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to complete an order transaction with a credit card. (Select your products below.)


Please contact if you encounter any difficulties, or need specific items or details not possible in a standard cart transaction.

Choosing your Seat Tops

Small Boat Seats are 300mm wide (mens & womens), to fit most single sculls, this width may be an issue with older boats with shoulders. 

Big Boat Seats are 330mm wide (men & womes), to fit doubles, pairs, quads, fours and eights. Some large single sculls may also accept a big boat seat. Contact Croker Oars if you are unsure for further infomation.

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