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Sweep Blades


Arrow Sweep Blade
Arrow Sweep Blade (M47 Series)


The latest computer designed blade. Especially manufactured for the Arrow shaft.  These rowing blades which are designed to fit on the smaller shafts, feature thin edges, low wind resistance, 3D curvature and hydrodynamic efficiency which gives good lockup in the water but is still clean on entry and exit. Croker blades have been known for cleanliness and these new blades take it one step further.


Note: This blade is only available on the M47 Series of Arrow Sweep Shafts.

Arrow Sweep Blade
Slick Sweep Blade


The Slick rowing blade is available on all shafts. It is moulded with closed edges, which improves the blade's durability and overall performance and has no ridgeline so there is less splash at the catch. The asymmetric curvature of the blade makes it extremely clean in and out of the water. The blade can be reduced in size for women and schoolgirls.



Sweep Slick Blade

The low volume blade enters the water quickly and quietly and floats low in the water. The longitudinal curvature is perpendicular to the tip and so is in line with the flow of water.  It has a constant pitch across the tip and all lines parallel to the tip. The gentle asymmetric curvature of the blade assures a clean release from the water with every stroke. Slick blades are visibly cleaner than other blades. It does not exhibit any negative tendencies during recovery or in bad weather. Since the Slick blade’s introduction it has been extremely successful at all levels of rowing.


Fits M2, M4 series.


Slick Sweep Blade
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