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Sculling Spare Parts

Sculling Oarlocks


Our oarlocks are simple and effectively designed with a flat back edge. They are a proven performer, economical, easy to use, compatible with most oars and known to extend the life of Croker sleeves.  We recommend our Croker swivels to be used with Croker oars. 


Blue Oarlock Pair  $USD30.00



Blue Inserts - 13mm pins


White Inserts - 7/16" pins


Black Inserts - 1/2" pins


Inserts per pair  $USD4.00

Scull Inserts
Sculling black end cap
Sculling yellow end cap
Sculling white end cap
End Caps


All our carbon sculling handles are fitted with a coloured end cap. Our end cap sizes are:

Small – Black - for 26mm handles

Standard – Yellow - for 29mm handles

Large – White - for 32mm handles


Each  $USD2.00

End Caps Sculling
Spacer Horse Shoe Starboard Side Green
Spacer Horse Shoe Port Side Red
Spacers / Horseshoes


Our Sculling inboard spacers are 5mm in thickness. When racing, we recommend using hard settings with the securely fastened button, but these spacers are an ideal way to quickly change your inboard for practice sessions as you experiment with rigging or jump between boat classes. They are designed for Mark 3 sleeves only and are side specific. 

Green - Starboard Side

Red - Port side

Spacer/Horseshoe  $USD5.00 pair

Spacers - Horseshoes
Rowing Locking Plate
Locking Plates


All adjustable carbon sculling handles are fitted with a locking plate. This is what holds the handle in place in the oar and also allows for adjustment of the handle. These come with 2 M5 x 20 stainless steel bolts and M5 stainless steel washers.


Per pair $USD4.00

Locking Plates Sculling
Sculling Oar Bag


The Sculling Oar Bag keeps blades and sleeves separated, enclosed in a padded lining, and a single zipper running the length of the bag for simple loading. Fabric for the bag is Sunbrella®, a popular brand of acrylic outdoor-use fabric offering very good UV resistance. A great way to keep your Croker Oars protected. Note: Colors may vary to picture




Pair Sculling Bag (x2 oars)  $USD150.00

Sculling Oar Bag
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