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Removing Sweep and Sculling Handles

How to remove handles


  1. Undo the screws several turns and attempt to pull out handle. With the locking plate now loosened, the handle should slide out. If a rowing handle is stuck it can be pulled out by using a lasso of rope (see pic) or webbing and winched out. 

  2. If the handle can't be pulled out, the screws need to be completely removed from the oar so the clip drops inside. Now you can attempt to twist and spin the handle without the clip and screws in the way. You may need more than one person, or a way to strap and affix one end of the oar to deliver the appropriate torque. 

  3. Once the handle is out, wipe the carbon insert clean with lacquer thinner. This will remove the grime that may cause the handle to get stuck in the shaft. 

  4. Test the fit of the cleaned handle until you have free movement. If handle still sticks, try wet-sanding the carbon insert with a high grit paper. Once you have a good fit, wipe the carbon clean with lacquer thinner.

remove handle

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