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Frog Light Video

Frog Light


No question, your boats need to be well lit when on the water in low light. The Frog Light has been developed specially for rowing, offering effortless operation, reliability and durability.


Simply attach the re-chargeable sealed Frog Light using the velcro pad provided. It will automatically turns ON and OFF depending on light levels. It will also turn off when inverted, such as when your boat is stored upside down. Thanks to an extended battery life, the frog light can remain on your boat, ready for use with barely a second thought.


Do I need a light on the water?

In most cases yes - Bow and Stern. Please check with your local maritime authority for more information regarding boat light safety on the water.



185mm long x 100mm wide x 50mm high



Available in 4 Kinds

  • White Contant Light

  • White Flashing Light

  • Red & Green Contant Light

  • Red and Green Flashing Light




Charger is not included. Please purchase separately. 




  • Fully sealed housing.

  • Waterproof and Floats.

  • Re-chargeable, extended use battery.

  • Will turn ON and OFF when natural light levels determine it is necessary.

  • Will turn OFF when turned upside down, for when your boat is stored on the rack.

  • Will operate continuously for a minimum of 24 hours before requiring recharging.

  • Red or Green LED indicates when charging is required.

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