Premium Rowing and Sculling Oars

New Frog Light  - Be Seen
Specially developed for Rowing

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Frog Light is tough, waterproof and easy to use.

A marine light is required in most states so use one which is bright and reliable:


How it works:

  • Auto on/off when turned upside down
    (boats turned in boat shed)

  • Auto on/off when dark or bright light



  • 12 LED bright lights Flashing or Constant

  • Waterproof and floats

  • Long lasting re-chargeable batteries

  • Fully sealed unit - so no leaks

Frog Light on the water
New Maintenance Videos

Do you need to replace your sleeves? Check out the new video from Howard Croker.

Replace worn Sleeves  >>


A combination of heat and cold water can cause a vacuum causing water to be sucked into a shaft. It's easy to fix. 

Remove Water From Shaft  Video >>



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  • New ARROW M49 Sweep Oar

  • Carbon Foot Stretcher upgrade - new slide bracket



USA Product Guide 2019
ARROWS - the next generation of oars

This latest generation of rowing and sculling oars features small diameter shafts and new blades dedicated to the new shafts.

The sculling and sweep blade which are designed to fit on the smaller shafts, features thin edges, low wind resistance, 3D curvature and hydrodynamic efficiency which gives good lockup in the water but is still clean on entry and exit.



Croker blades have been known for cleanliness in and out of the water and these new blades take it one step further.


​Complete sculling from 1275gms and complete rowing from 2260gms.


New Arrow Blade
Croker Sculling Oar