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Croker Sculling Oars Suggested Rigging

Center pin to center pin, sculling spreads vary mostly by boat class, with singles trending toward 158-160 cm and quads as tight as 156 cm.

With sculling, the inboard setting has two profound impacts. First, it is your leverage over the outboard loading. Second, it defines how much crossover your hands will experience and the resultant "pinch" in the shoulders and back. Some scullers like to keep a consistent spread and inboard from boat to boat, but this is usually difficult in team boat settings. As general starting point, 160 cm spread and 88 cm inboard have been quite popular. Scullers can tweak from that point as desired.

Different Brands of Oars or Blade Shapes
Comparison between brands is challenging because the shape and size of the blade, tracking through the water, and stiffness and resilience of the shaft affect the load that is transferred to the human. We recommend 0.5-1.0 cm less outboard with the Crokers when performing seat-racing or direct comparisons to standard and "apex" Dreher sculls and Concept2's "smoothie" or standard sculls. Direct comparisons to the C2 "fat smoothie" will be limited due to the need to adjust the boat's spread and each rowers footstretchers beyond traditional/common parameters to row that unconventional blade. You cannot find a compromise rig that will afford you optimal experiences with both types of oar. You will short-change one, or very likely, both. Similarly, it maybe challenging to perform back to back comparisons with the Dreher "round" blades and the "aero" models, as the feel will be too dissimilar.

Remember--Crokers are designed to speed you along most effectively at the traditional boat spread ranges you have been using for decades. You need not make a boat in your fleet unrowable for all other oars in order to accommodate our product. Our oars cater to YOU. Now.....rig smart, row fast, and win medals!

Class of Rower Suggested Length 1x (cm) Comments
Elite Men 287-291 S4 or S2 shaft with full slick blade; some world-class elite heavyweights in team boats (2x or 4x) use S4 Stiff or S2 Stiff with greater hook angle
Pre-Elite / Lightweight Men 286-290 S4 or S2 shaft with full slick blade; some lightweights use cutaway blade.
Scholastic & Masters Men 285-289 S4 or S2 shaft with full slick blade; some use S4 Soft or S2 Soft shaft with full slick blade; some high school teams use S3 shaft; some use cutaway blade.
Elite Women 285-289 S4 or S2 shaft (recommended for elite 4x only) with full slick blade; some use cutaway blade; increasing use of S4 Soft or S2 Soft shaft with full blade (recommended for elite 1x and 2x). All lightweights use S4 Soft or S2 Soft with cutaway blade.
Pre-Elite / Lightweight Women 285-289 S4 Soft or S2 Soft shaft with full slick blade; some use cutaway blade. All lightweights use S4 Soft or S2 Soft with cutaway blade.
Scholastic & Masters Women 284-288 S4 Soft or S2 Soft shaft with cutaway blade; some high school teams use S3 shaft.


NOTE -- Updated July 25, 2008

In the spring of 2008, we fielded numerous inquiries from Croker users who had been unsuccessfully attempting to use excessively short overall lengths, inboards and boat spreads.

Upon further investigation, it came to our attention that certain persons unaffiliated with Croker were offering inaccurate suggestions in their presentations at coaches' conferences for rigging settings of our oars. Given that the information they provided was completely inconsistent with all documented successful use of Crokers, at all levels, we surmise the misinformation appears to either be the result of no actual use of Crokers by these persons, or a deliberate attempt on their part to stack any comparisons in favor of other products by providing ineffective numbers for Croker oars.

We encourage you to ignore these persons, and to reject their "advice" in favor of ours. The rigging numbers we provide are gleaned from successful crews across all levels of rowing.

We know that when you win with Crokers, you'll spread the word and that will grow our business. We don't need to trick you into rowing someone else's oars poorly. You should try all brands of oars as each company's official literature recommends. We're confident that we'll be the one you continue to work with.


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